Building Teams Where Everyone is Heard

Most teams pay lip service to the importance of team diversity and getting the best ideas on the table, but how many teams actively invest in it?

Building teams where everyone is heard doesn’t come for free. Rather, it is rooted in valuing diversity and grown through intentional action. In this discussion we will explore ways to promote full-team engagement for under-represented groups, soft-spoken employees, people with imposter syndrome – everyone!

Attendees will walk away with concrete steps to open up communication within their teams, whether they are in management or an individual contributor.


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Chris Powers

Chris Powers has been leading software development teams for the last fifteen years, and he loves sharing his passion for building teams and software with audiences nationwide. As a Clean Coders author, Chris produced an educational video series entitled "Clean Code in the Browser". Chris is VP of Engineering at Thinkful and lives in the northern Chicago suburbs with his wife and two children. In his free time he enjoys drumming, woodworking, and tabletop gaming.

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