Customer Service for Developers

While many developers dream of spending all day, every day heads down in code, the reality usually is that programming is only one of our many responsibilities. As knowledge workers, each of us is expected to effectively answer questions, help confused coworkers, and investigate issues. We are asked to respond quickly, positively, and knowledgeably, without losing progress on our current projects.

The ability to provide excellent “customer service” to your coworkers, bosses, and clients is crucial for any developer who wants to increase their value and impact within their organization. Unfortunately we usually receive these communication expectations without any clear instruction of how to meet them!

During this talk, I will walk through a number of common mistakes developers make while providing customer service, and share the strategies and values you can leverage to become an indispensable communicator within your team and organization.

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Chris Powers

Chris Powers has been leading software development teams for the last fifteen years, and he loves sharing his passion for building teams and software with audiences nationwide. As a Clean Coders author, Chris produced an educational video series entitled "Clean Code in the Browser". Chris is VP of Engineering at Thinkful and lives in the northern Chicago suburbs with his wife and two children. In his free time he enjoys drumming, woodworking, and tabletop gaming.

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