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Remember when HTML email development used to be fun? Yeah, neither do I. Since the dawning of the Internet, HTML email development has been the worst possible task given to a Web developer. Traditionally used for hazing new hires and college recruits, email template development made IE6 testing look fun.

We can do better! We’re software developers!

I’m pleased to announce that Groupon is open sourcing Gleemail, an email development environment that puts the fun back into HTML template development. Using Gleemail’s custom HTML elements, simple CLI tools and slick third party integrations, creating cross-client-compatible emails has never been easier.

During the talk, we will start from scratch and use Gleemail’s workflow to build, test and deliver an HTML email template.

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Chris Powers

Chris Powers has been developing Web applications for the last ten years. He strongly believes in the power technology has to bring people together and enjoys developing platforms that empower the user. Currenty Chris is a senior engineering manager at Groupon and lives in the northern Chicago suburbs with his wife and two children. In his free time he enjoys drumming, tabletop gaming and homebrewing.

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