The Truth About A/B Experimentation

There are plenty of blog articles singing the praises of using A/B experimentation to iteratively make product improvements, but what details are they missing?

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Promote Your Project!

Each of us is working on awesome projects every day, but who actually knows about it? Even inside your company, do the people down the hall know the amazing things your team is working on? Do you know about theirs?

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Creating (Healthy) Conflict

Conflict resolution is a popular topic — everyone has encountered difficult situations and combative people. Yet for every person I have observed causing too much conflict, I have observed nine people who don’t cause enough conflict.

This sounds strange to say, as most of us have been conditioned to avoid conflict whenever possible — and that’s the problem.

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Encouragement: Admitting We Are Human

Mark Twain said, “I can last two months on a good compliment.” Postive feedback and encouragement have enormous impact on us; it helps us feel appreciated, connected, and inspires us toward peak performance. Sadly it is severely under-utilized, as tech workers regularly cite feeling unappreciated as the primary motivator to change jobs.

Encouragement is a “super power” we each have, yet like any skill we must develop it. Once we do, we will change the lives of the people around us.

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From Developer to Manager: Find Your Path and Passion

We have all read blog articles from developers-turned-managers-turned-developers again decrying the shift while warning others not to “sell out” and stop writing code. The transition from software engineer to engineering manager is difficult, confusing, and disorienting, and it’s no wonder — this isn’t a promotion, it’s a career change!

For some developers, the management track is a disastrous fit, while others come alive in the new role. It all comes down to motivations: What are the things you value? How do you add value to your organization every day? When you are building software, what parts of the process are most compelling to you?

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